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Reporting in from Nairobi. We were received here by our good friend Simon, and are still going strong in Africa. We have spent some wonderful days with the staff and children of CRO in Mbale, after visiting friends in Kampala and an NGO called Save The AIDS Orphans in Jinja. More about this later. Anywayz, we have crossed into Kenya. The phone number for Uganda still works here, although it seems to have some problems sending text messages out of the country. It seems to be receiving alright though. We'll be back with photos and more after the 27th. Keep checking back.

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Anonym sa...

halla dere to )
godt aa hoere at dere koser dere ))
jeg nyyyter livet back in thailand,dratt til kysten idag etter en uke i bkk..kos dere videre,hils hele veien...ja jeg oensker meg kort..bettumveien 96 3178 vaale....stoor glad i dere klem fra anne gunneroed : ))take care !!

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