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The end - and a new beginning

As you should be aware of after reading my blog, this year was an election year in Uganda. And there were posters everywhere. So I thought: Cool, I want one. So I made one. I didn't get to put it up many places, but I put it on the front page of my blog. My friend Kevin really got a kick out of it. He still only calls me Chagua (that's "vote" in KiSwahili).

I didn't get elected, obviously. My friend Moses tells me I wasn't even on the ballot. I wouldn't have got many votes anyway. Stella would have voted for me - I promised pizza for everyone, and I think she misses the unofficial Norwegian national dish - Pizza Grandiosa. I tried to buy Moses' vote, but he pulled out when the truckload of Chocolate that I promised failed to arrive, he backed out. I tried to explain to him that the truck was stuck in Nairobi, but to no avail. And Derick voted for the Old Man, of course. So no hot showers for everyone. I am back now. We have pizza, hot showers and chocolate cake. We have rain. But I sorely miss the passion fruit juice. As for peace, I don't know if it will ever come.

This blog used to be two blogs. This marks the end of my Uganda blog, which is still to be found at www.ugandabloggen.blogspot.com. I've moved all the posts to this blog, but all the comments and links are still left at the old address. If you want to know how the Uganda story continues, you could visit the blogs of Eivind and Thomas, who took over as Act Nowers in Mbale in October 2006. Yes, this is written in November, even though it appears to be written in May. More than a year has passed since I first came to Uganda. I'm longing for the day when I will be able to come back.

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