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Many farewells

A cold morning in Kampala. Blue Mango hotel. Watching LOST on DSTV. Mbale is left behind. We left on Sunday. Last week was spent doing things for the last time. Walking around in the market. Having my last rollex in Naboa Road. Last goodbyes. Evaluation and reports. Friday was our last official day at CRO. We had a send-off seremony with the staff and the children. Our children. So far away now. On Saturday we are floating around like ghosts. In limbo. Not really gone, not really there. We've said our goodbyes, but we've not yet left.

And then we go. Back in Kampala. Last time at the Blue Mango. Today we'll visit the Strømme office. For the last time. Tomorrow we fly home. Home. It is a strange word. Home is where your loved ones are. Where your friends are. I have many homes now. It is time to go back to one of them.

«Don't go back,» they tell me. «Sheta, don't go!» And why would I, really. Why do I want to leave this place, where every day is an adventure? Is this the end? No, this is not the end of my journey. It is just the beginning of the next lap. This is a wonderful world; there are plenty of adventures to be made, even in Norway. It is your attitude towards life that matters, not where you choose to live it. I think I am quite ready for another adventure.

This concludes my blog.

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