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Nocturnal being

I am sitting in my room. It is dark. Only the twin screen lights of the computer and the TV illuminate my room. Cold electrical light from the warehouse across the street. The days are dark. I've just finished my home exam. Haven't been out much this past week. Don't get much light these days.

The sun shone briefly through my window this morning. I remained standing, closed my eyes, the sun on my face, my skin absorbing the beams of light, pretending to be somewhere else - half a world away. Under a different sun.

Our sun is weak and old. Dying. These days it hardly bothers to get up from its bed behind the mountains. The sun of the tropics is young and wild. And warm. Our sun is stretched out over too much space. It has too much land to cover.

Oh, well. Enough with the gloom. I'm going out tomorrow in daylight. Who knows, in this wonderful world, we might even have snow...

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