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Are the Norwegian fjords open in the week-ends?

The stereotypical American cruise tourist (no offense intended to real American cruise tourist, of course; I don't really know very many...) in Norway is loud, obnoxious, narrow-minded, and in general not very bright. It is one of these who is said to have raised the question above. And the answer should be obvious: The fjords are natural formations – there is no way to shut them down. They are simply too large. One could ask the same question about Tororo Rock. Is the Tororo Rock open on Sundays? Of course it is. There is even a cable lift to the top. And the lift is open on Sundays. So far so good. The trouble is, to be allowed to use the lift you need the signature of an official from town. Anyone can get the signature, and it doesn’t cost anything, but the office is closed on Sundays. So we had to enjoy the view of the Rock from one of the nearby hills. Much to the relief of Silje and all my other friends who, for some reason, have been strongly opposed to the idea of an African cable lift...

And now I have the dubious pleasure of presenting some of the very last pictures from my Olympus mju digital 600 camera. It will be sorely missed.

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