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Latest Marabou stork coverage

Most people I know who have visited Kampala (including myself), returned from there with an intense dislike for marabou storks. These huge, garbage eating birds are as common in Kampala as pigeons in most European cities. In Norway it is known as the emblem of the world's best chocolate, apparently the image was considered exotic by the people at Freia chocolate factory. While I find these birds completely disgusting, Peace Nakitto of the New Vision has a different opinion, claiming that the Marabou storks of Uganda's capital are a blessing, not a nuisance. She does, however, give a vivid description of these rather uncharming birds:

Just because they look ugly to us does not mean they feel ugly. The Marabou stork (Kalooli) is commonly portrayed as being pathetic, smelly, dirty, ugly and lacking good motive. Clearly, the Marabou Stork has a public relations problem.

With a pink head and neck that is lacks feathers, the bird appears gloomy, lonely and unhappy. In adults, a reddish balloon or air bag hangs on the throat. It’s an air sack used for buoyancy during flight and an extension of it's digestion system.

I am still not convinced. They may be useful, yes, but only due to the lack of proper garbage disposal services. Anyway, to me the marabou stork is still the least likeable bird on the planet.

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