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Latest news: not much

It's been a while since my last update. Now I'm back with some news about what's happened in my life. Well, actually, it's not much. This is it:

We had snow at home in the woods. I was worried for a while that it wouldn't snow this year. The news have been full of weather this winter. On how it is too warm, how the polar caps are melting, how there's been no snow. How it's our fault. A group of old Norwegian skiing heros have launched a campaign for bringing back the snow by exchanging our cars for etanol driven ones. That's this year. Last year we had one of the snowiest winters ever. And I missed it, being somewhere in the vicinity of the Equator all winter. Oh well. Good thing I didn't miss out this year as well. Yea, and I had the best snowball fight ever with my little bro. Wouldn't have missed it for the world.

I also changed my appearance. Got rid of a lot of hair. Quite a refreshing experience, actually.

And now Christmas is over. I'm back in Bergen. A new year, new possibilities (as the song goes). And today we had snow here as well. After seventyfour consequtive days of rain, it was about time for a change.
The remains of the Christmas tree at Torgallmenningen
Look at all the pretty snow on the hills...

OK. That's about it. I'll be back with more interesting news next time.

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Anonym sa...

What a beautiful city.

Sheta sa...

Yes it is pretty, isn't it? I've stayed in Bergen for half a year, and it already feels like home. Only downside is the weather. We are pushing eighty consecutive days of rain now, and no sign of change so far...

Anonym sa...

Please check this:

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