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Many farewells

My stay at Hald is officially over. An amazing year has come to an end. Thursday we had our official closures. Friday people began leaving. Very early in the morning, a car came and brutally took away all our East African and Asian friends. Then, in the course of the morning, people trickled out in ones and twos and threes, till there were hardly any left, and then I left myself.

Dear friends. We are now scattered, all over Norway, all over the world. Some of you I'll meet again soon, for some it might take some years, some of you I'll see in Heaven. But good friends always meet again. Whenever I'm in Beograd, Kampala, Dar Es Salaam, Mbale, Bankok, Cameroon, Madagascar, Brazil, Bolivia, I'll know who to call.

I am home now. Last night I unpacked my stuff in my parents' guest room, where I'm going to stay this summer. Back where I started. End of one chapter. Beginning of a new one. I am back in the house in the forest, and it is summer. Everything is the same, and yet everything has changed.

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