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Not out of Kampala yet. I'm looking for guitar strings. There is one music shop in Mbale that sells used guitars - the one i bought is ancient, but it desperately needs new strings. And there is no shop in Mbale that carries guitar strings.

I ask one of the taxi drivers at the shopping arcade close to the taxi park. He doesn't know where I can find what I'm looking for, but another guy that listens in on our conversation offers to take me to the right shop. «Ooooh, take care my friend.» says the taxi driver in a low voice. I don't like the look of the man either, so i decline politely and ask him for directions instead. Then I walk off.

After walking for about three minutes, I hear someone calling me. The man has followed me! «You will not be able to find it on your own,&raqou; he insists. «Let me take you there.» I allow him to pass me, then I quickly double back and duck into the nearest shop. I pretend to look at mobile phones for a few minutes, then I set off in the opposite direction.

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